Road, Rail and Utility Corridor, Prince Rupert

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Road, Rail and Utility Corridor, Prince Rupert

Investment: $15 million

From left to right: Bruce Grant, Prince Rupert Grain; Minister Fast and Don Krusel, President and CEO, Prince Rupert Port Authority.

In February 2012, the $15 million Road, Rail and Utility Corridor (RRUC) project at the Port of Prince Rupert was announced. Together with contributions from the Government of British Columbia, CN Rail and the Prince Rupert Port Authority, this $90-million project will expand capacity and operations at the Port of Prince Rupert, a vital part of the world-class transportation network that makes up Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway.

The RRUC project will provide road and rail access, along with utility services, to 1,000 acres of multi-user heavy industrial land that is accessible through the deep-sea terminals at the Port of Prince Rupert. It will include the expansion of public road and rail infrastructure on port property to fully develop the project site. This investment will solidify the development plan for the Ridley industrial site by creating the required transportation and logistical framework, and consequently, expanding the port.

The RRUC is a joint public- and private-sector investment that will expand port capacity and efficiency in support of Canada's international trade with Asia. The Government of Canada will provide $15 million of the $90 million required through the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Transportation Infrastructure Fund (APGCTIF). The federal money will help fund the key infrastructure that the Port of Prince Rupert needs to expand its capacity. This infrastructure will also increase efficiency at the port. Other funding partners include the Government of British Columbia, which has provided $15 million for the project, as well as CN Rail and the Prince Rupert Port Authority, which together will contribute the remaining $60 million.

Of the $15 million the Government of Canada will contribute, $5 million will come from the mountain pine beetle component of the APGCTIF. The RRUC will directly help the local and regional industry impacted by the mountain pine beetle infestation by providing a state-of-the-art multi-user export facility for products from this heavily devastated area. This will further assist the impacted region in diversifying its economy.

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All financial figures are anticipated federal contributions for projects, most of which are cost-shared with important contributions from partners, including British Columbia and other western provincial and municipal governments, ports and railways.

All projects are subject to funding commitments of all partners, completion of due diligence, contribution agreements and final federal project approval.

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