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Aschroft Terminal

Investment: $3.6 million

Mark Strahl, Member of Parliament for Chilliwack—Fraser Canyon, and Robert Landucci, CEO of Ashcroft Terminal, announce the completion of Ashcroft Terminal’s Expansion project.

The Ashcroft Terminal project involves adding base rail infrastructure, improving grade separations, and constructing new intermodal facilities. The goal of the Ashcroft Terminal project is to improve the existing rail corridor and materials handling capabilities of the site, which includes transloading capabilities.  The Village of Ashcroft is located on the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) line to the British Columbia Lower Mainland.  

This investment has many benefits, such as:

  • making railway access easier for shippers;
  • improving the movement of goods travelling between the West Coast and the Ontario/Quebec region;
  • reducing the number of trucks in the Lower Mainland;
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • diversifying the regional economy currently affected by the mountain pine beetle.

What is transloading?

Transloading is the transfer of product from rail to truck or truck to rail at one location. Transloading facilities are typically located near existing intermodal facilities.



All financial figures are anticipated federal contributions for projects, most of which are cost-shared with important contributions from partners, including British Columbia and other western provincial and municipal governments, ports and railways.

All projects are subject to funding commitments of all partners, completion of due diligence, contribution agreements and final federal project approval.

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