Air Policy

Canada enjoys unique relationships that are grounded in history, people-to-people relations and commerce with countries like China, India and Japan as well as other trading nations.


Blue Sky Policy

The Blue Sky policy, Canada’s approach to bilateral air transport agreements, aims to benefit travellers, shippers, and the tourism and business sectors. Canada sent a strong and clear message to the international community in adopting this policy – “We are open for business”.

Canada's Airports

Canada’s major airports are served by a large number of air carriers from around the world, giving passengers from many countries the opportunity to travel directly to Canada, as well as many opportunities for connecting flights to other destinations. Ongoing efforts are focused on developing airports’ potential as efficient cargo destinations and transshipment locations, globally recognized for their value-added services.

Congestion Free

Canadian airspace and Canadian world-class airports have abundant capacity for use by international carriers. The lack of congestion, combined with the shortest distances between North America and Asia, results in more efficient routing and quicker turn-around times.

Transshipment Program

Canada’s international air cargo transshipment program allows air cargo to be moved through Canada for shipment to third countries. The program enables the Canadian Transportation Agency to authorize any foreign air carrier to use approved airports to transship international air cargo, even if these rights are not provided in Canada’s bilateral air transport agreements.

Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway